Project Name : 元朗清水凸板地台 Epoxy Injection
Location : 元朗清水凸板地台 Epoxy Injection
Material Used : EI-110
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Mark out & identified the profile of the crack to be injected.
Wire brush and blow clear dust along the crack.
Install injection nipples @150mm 200mm c/c (NOT exceeding section thickness) along the crack with Bondtec EP-11 Epoxy Putty.
用Bondtec EP11 (2合1)高力環氧樹脂膠沿烈縫距離大約@150-200毫米中至中(或不大於橫切面的厚度)裝上打針喉咀

Seal up the surface of the crack in between the injection nipples with Bondtec EP-11 Epoxy Putty.
Measure the correct quantities of Bondtec EI-110 Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin (A + B Comp.) and mix in according with the manufacturer instruction.
喉咀與喉咀之間之烈縫表面同樣封面批上Bondtec EP-11(2 合1)環氧樹脂膠
量度打針物料Bondtec EI-110 (2合1)環氧樹脂膠之比例及依據供應商之指示混和方法

Grouting By low pressure injection pump N.e. 100 p.s.i. start from one end, while inject check up the adjacent nipples until resin flow out, then lock the 2nd nipples and continuos grouting slowly when resin flow out from the 3rd injection nipples or no take, lock the 1st injection nipples and proceed to the 2nd injection nipples until all injection nipples have been grouted.
灌注程序 用低壓力泵加壓從一端開始, 當灌注時檢杳另一個融鄰的喉咀是否有灌漿料漏出, 接著銷上第二個喉咀及繼續慢慢灌注直至有灌漿料從第三個喉咀漏出或不能入漿料止, 銷上第一個喉咀開始, 接2連3地銷上第二個喉咀直至所有喉咀都灌完為止

Allow epoxy resin to cure and remove all the injection nipples (Usually after 24 hours)

Remove the injection nipples