Project Name : To Kwa Wan Merit Ind. Ctr. ASL Carpart Ramp
Location : To Kwa Wan Merit Ind. Ctr.
Material Used : ASL , KEVS
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Temporary traffic diversion and divided the ramp into different phase (to minimize the disturbance to existing occupant)

Surface preparation by using vacuum blasting/plannar machine to allow mechanical key for anti-skid topping. 舊有石屎表面用無塵打沙機或打花刨機, 預留粗糙面作表面保護層之處理

Apply Bondtec EM30 epoxy mortar to patch up minor defective spots.
批上 “堡達牌EM30”快乾環氧樹脂沙漿去修補小面積之損壞石屎
Fill up the surface crack by using Bondtec EI-110 LV and sprinkle of silica sand to allow key for anti-skid topping.
沿著裂縫淋上 “堡達牌EI-110 LV” 環氧樹脂膠以浸透封密裂縫及表面洒上石英沙留粗糙面作表面保護層之處理

Clean the contaminated surface or loose dirt and dust by high pressure water jet with special cleaner (ie. Bondtec Cleaner 88 Oil remover or degreasant) provided the carpark have enough floor drain and drying time.
如果車場有足夠去水位及乾固時間, 用高壓水槍及特別化油劑 (例如:堡達牌Cleaner 88 化油劑) 清洗有污染物之表面及鬆散之泥塵

Apply 1st coat EPISOL KEVS primer on treated concrete substrate.
塗上第一層EPISOL KEVS底油於己處理的混凝土表面

Apply 2nd coat EPISOL ASL (black) & sprinkle of abrasive aggregate with size approx. 1-3mm to provide anti-skid property with average thickness 3-4mm
塗上第二層EPISOL ASL (黑色)及灑上防滑鋼沙粒度大約1-3mm做成防滑面效果, 平均厚度不少於3-4mm

Compact the abrasive aggregate into place to ensure partially embedded into resin bedding, then reform the groove profile on ramp by pressing steel strip on top.
壓實表面密舖鋼沙及肯定部份牢固植入底基料內, 再用鐵條壓上原有條紋於斜面車路上

Remove surplus abrasive aggregate after the EPISOL ASL cure and set into place.
當EPISOL ASL己乾固後清除多餘之防滑鋼沙粒